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To be Competitive in todayís rapidly changing marketplace, any Golf business needs to have not only a Phone number, Fax Number, and a Road sign, but also an Internet email address and webpage or website.

Golf Courses that have an Internet Webpage will have a strong Competitive Advantage over those that do not.

The internet has removed all geographical barriers to sales. Your client base goes beyond your town to other parts of Ontario and North America.

Your competition is no longer the Golf Course down the road but the Golf Course in the next region or somewhere else in Ontario or North America.

The Internet has become the most cost effective way to market a business.

START Small Ė You donít need to spend thousands of dollars. Get an email address and a single webpage with pictures set up for your business to increase your visibility and the ability for contact 24 hours a day. You want to make it as easy as possible for Golfers to find your Golf Course. Then list it everywhere; on your brochures, business cards and any listings or print ads you place just as you would your telephone number. Also consider listing your golf course on some internet directories

(like www. !).

You can see the Results. The beauty of using the internet as a marketing tool is that you can track all the traffic coming to your email address and to your webpage. Itís much harder to track the results from a magazine or newspaper ad!

KEY: If Your Business is not found on the Internet, it will be like not having a phone number or a road sign. It Soon Wonít Exist! Consider your webpage to be a road sign on the Information Highway.

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